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A humorous look at a group of uninhibited friends going through a transitional phase, as they share their relationship woes and romantic wins, life crises, and personal ambitions. The show centers on three twenty-something friends who live together: Mark, the single guy, along with Jason and Maggie, the couple. They are all pursuing their dreams to varying levels –in a world where $5 bank balances go head-to-head with lively social schedules. Based on real-life experiences, "Satisfaction" contrasts the benefits and drawbacks of being both attached and unattached, where casual sex meets long dry spells, and where committed love meets long-term predictability. Dedicated single man Mark hustles the dating scene while his best friends and long-term couple Jason and Maggie work at keeping the sparks flying as they face the day-to-day challenges of being in a committed relationship.

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