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Welcome to the Stella Street guide at TV Tome. Stella Street is the brainchild of Phil Cornwell, John Sessions and - Comic Strip Presents founder - Peter Richardson. First airing on the cold Winter evenings of 1997, the show focuses on the relationships of celebrities who have moved from their Los Angeles homes and chosen to live in a street in Surbiton, England. The show basically follows their relationships and reactions to the normal people they meet such as cleaner Mrs Eileen Hugget. All characters are played by either Sessions or Cornwell with the latter being the better impersonator. The show's lead character is Cornwell's Michael Caine who talks to camera like his 'Alfie' persona. The characters are followed docu-soap like throughout the four series with all characters taking the occasional time out to speak to camera. Four series to date (Nov 2002) were made and it seems like that could be that. No plans are set for a new series and it does look like the fou

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