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Welcome to the The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd guide at TV Tome.

Molly Dodd is a 30-something, creative woman who makes interesting career choices and struggles with complex relationships with men and with her family. Molly's best friend, Nina Shapiro, also makes appearances here and there.

Each episode begins with someone close to Molly commenting on some facet of her personality or her life.

Elements of magical realism run throughout the series, for instance, when Molly communicates with the ghost of a relative (to tell who would be a spoiler). Molly has trouble saying "no" to people, like her mysterious cousin Mike from Baltimore who moves in with her and stays longer than he's welcome. Molly eventually seeks therapy but is turned away by her therapist when she falls in love with Molly.

Some of the most notable men in Molly's life are her father; her ex-husband Fred, a sax player who keeps returning to toy with her emotions; Davey, the elevator man in

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